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How to Get the Translation Service Thailand

รับทำเจโบลท์ แปลเอกสาร ชุดตรวจ hiv โกดังสำเร็จรูป

Are you looking for a translation service center in Thailand? Do you find it and don’t know what to do next or not? How do I submit documents? How many days does it take to translate? Is there a translation certificate or not? Today there is an answer.

Translating documents in Thailand is not as difficult as you think. Just follow these 6 steps to get translation services in Thailand. It will be easy.

1. Find a translation center

traslation service thailand

You can find translation centers on the Internet. Select the center where you would like to receive translation services. But before you make a choice, you should first consider the reliability of the center.

2. Contact to request translation services

traslation service thailand

Once you have selected the desired translation center, you can contact them for service or ask for details directly from the translation center website. It is recommended to use the calling method that is best for contacting them. This will ensure the communication of the needs is not misleading and the service will be served promptly without having to wait. Another way to contact them is via the Line application, which is more convenient than contacting them via mail.

3. Submitting original documents for translation

traslation service thailand

In the process of submitting documents for translation, each translation center may have different submissions. How to send documents within Thailand

  • via Thailand Post. Most of the translation centers sent via Thailand Post will be sent by EMS for speedy delivery and prevent the loss of documents.
  • via private transport. There are many types of private transport in Thailand, such as Flash Express, J&T Express, Kerry Express.
  • Submit documents in person at the translation center.
  • Sent through online channels.

The submission of documents is subject to the agreement of the translation center and the client.

4. The process of translation and certification of documents

traslation service thailand

At this process, the service recipient does not have to do anything. Just wait for the translation center to translate the document translations and certify the documents. The document translation center will take approximately 1-2 days to translate documents of 1–5 pages. The time of translation depends on the number of pages of the document and the difficulty of the document. If urgent need to inform the translation center first.

5. The process of submitting translations that have been translated and certified

traslation service thailand

Returning a translated document is the same as submitting a document for translation. It will be sent via the Thai postal service, private transport, or online channels. In some translation centers, there is also a document filing service for the convenience of getting a complete service.

6. Payment process

traslation service thailand

For a service fee starting at approximately 400 baht, the price varies by service and translation center. It also depends on the price agreement in the first contact.

If it is a document to be submitted with the consulate, it is recommended to deposit it at the translation center to submit it for convenience and hassle-free both in traveling and contacting for document submission.

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